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Intersection - Conversations From Cambio de Colores

Oct 14, 2019

As immigrants arrive and seek a new life in many Missouri counties and across the Midwest, researchers and community organizers have been getting together to share information and strengthen networks that make a more welcoming community for new arrivals.

Veronica Perez-Picasso is the coordinator of the University of Missouri's Cambio Center, which is celebrating its 15th year. Perez-Picasso is shown here at the annual Cambio de Colores conference, June 5, 2019. The conference brings together researchers and community organizers to discuss immigration in the Midwest and beyond.
Credit Janet Saidi / KBIA

A key convener on these conversations is the University of Missouri's Cambio Center. It's celebrating its 15th year - and the center has hosted an annual conference for organizers, activists, researchers and academics at its annual Cambio de Colores conference. 

This year, KBIA's Janet Saidi caught up with some of the conference coordinators and researchers, and this episode of Intersection features some of those discussions. Our guests are Cambio Center Coordinator Veronica Perez-Picasso, Kansas State University's Debra Bolton, and MU Professor Stephen Jeanetta. We also spoke about the research of Nicole Novak