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Jefferson City Cemeteries Become National Historical Site

Jul 30, 2018

Federal officials have added two cemeteries in Jefferson City to the National Register of Historic Places.

Jefferson City officials received word Friday that the Woodland-Old City Cemetery was added to the register. Officials hope the designation will promote historic preservation and awareness of those buried in the cemetery.

The cemeteries are on 6.6 acres of land and are the two oldest in Jefferson City. The Jefferson City News-Tribune report s Old City Cemetery was established in 1822 and Woodland Cemetery opened in 1838.

While the two cemeteries were established independently, they are considered a single entity.

Several of Jefferson City's and Cole County's earliest settlers are buried in the Woodland-Old City Cemetery.

The Woodland Cemetery includes a state lot, which contains the burial sites of former Govs. John Sappington Marmaduke and Thomas Reynolds.