Jefferson City Council moves forward with proposals for convention center

Nov 19, 2013

Credit KBIA

The Jefferson City Council voted last night to move forward with two proposals for a new convention center, effectively putting off making a decision on which plan to choose.

The council plans to spend more than $9 million on the new convention center, but Fourth Ward City Council member Carrie Carroll said neither proposal is up to par. She was one of the four council members in the minority that voted against moving forward with both.

“Until the 10 of us on the council can go in there and show the public what we have that's going to be right and the right size and the right expo space and the right everything that we need." Carroll said. "We need to not be giving $9 million to either one of those proposers."

The decision to choose a project is still far off. Next, the council will decide whether or not to hire a consultant, but it won't be able to choose a proposal until staff and developers can come to a contractual agreement.