Jefferson City School Board Looking for More Transparency

Mar 22, 2016

Credit Jefferson City Public Schools

Some members of The Jefferson City School Board are pushing for more transparency.

The push comes after the board ruled 5 to 2 against allowing the live streaming of meetings at a recent board meeting. School Board member Michael Couty included the proposal as part of his platform when elected last April. He says the streaming would bring accountability to the process.

Board member Pam Murray supports the proposition. She’s continuing to look for others ways to improve community relations.

 "I think the minutes could be a little more detailed, they are getting a little more detailed,” said Murray. “If the community had the same access to information the board had, I think that would be a good thing.”

Murray also hopes to see a change in the open forum policy which currently only allows discussion on agenda topics and places limits on who can speak at board meetings.