Learning Outside the Classroom: Radio Essays from Missouri Journalism Students

Dec 14, 2016

In this special, hear from eight students at the University of Missouri School of Journalism. They've learned both inside and outside the classroom, so they were challenged in their magazine writing capstone class to take an experience and share it on the radio. With help from their Associate Professor Berkley Hudson, they recount stories about family, roommates and rats. 

Listen to our radio special here: 


Or listen to them individually below:

Teddy bears don't tend to be controversial items. But when Molly Olmstead spent a summer working at one of the largest purveyors of teddy bears and stuffed animals in the country, she discovered an ugly side of a cuddly industry.

Dating is hard, especially first dates. Taylor Ostrowski looks back on her first date with a long time crush and how the night took a turn for the worse with the arrival of an uninvited guest.

Emma Gambaro has found that New Orleans is much more than Mardi Gras and Bourbon Street. Emma remembers how she discovered New Orleans as a kid and how she dreams about her future in the Big Easy. 

Dan Christian never loved birds, but one day, something changed. Now, he considers them unrelenting troublemakers. 

Resolving conflicts with roommates can be tough for anybody. It can be even more difficult when solutions to the conflict sit on the other side of a cultural barrier. Riley Beggin reflects on a time she wasn’t able to solve a unique problem with two of her favorite roommates, and how she learned to let it go.  

Countless fathers and sons have formed a special bond through America's pastime. MU senior Mike Tish reflects on one summer afternoon when his dad left him with a memory he'll never forget. 

Life with siblings is complicated enough, but imagine one of those siblings being your twin. Rebekah Hall reflects on her relationship with her twin brother and her hopes for the future of their friendship.

Sometimes, an obstacle comes into your life so powerful that defeating it consumes your mind, body and spirit. Sometimes, that obstacle is a mouse,  Jack Flemming found.