Maplewood Barn Radio Theatre: Stephen Leacock's 'Golden Dreams'

Oct 2, 2013

Welcome to another edition of Maplewood Barn Radio Theatre.
 In our continuing efforts to bring you nothing but the best in classic stories, we offer you an audio dramatization of an award winning story, "Golden Dreams," based on the writings of Stephen Leacock. Mr. Leacock is a bit vague about what award it might have won, but perhaps we can learn more from our protagonist, the professor. Let's turn it over to him, so he can tell you all about the book "Golden Dreams."
 Sit back, relax, and listen to the audio play here:

  The players:

  • Professor: Jeff Martin
  • Sellyer: Byron Scott
  • Rasselyer and Overgold: Michael Tuley
  • Gower, Dorothia: Molly Dodge
  • Mr. DeVere: Terry Yates
  • Narrator and program engineer: Darren Hellwege


  • Editing/production: Amy Humphrey
  • Podcast publisher: Kellie Kotraba