McCulloch lawyers say grand juror shouldn't be allowed to speak

Feb 10, 2015

Credit Joe Gratz / Flickr

  Attorneys for St. Louis County prosecutor Bob McCulloch are opposing efforts by a grand juror in the Ferguson case who wants to be able to discuss the investigation.

The juror filed suit in federal court last month. McCulloch's lawyers filed a response on Monday. The filing also claims that the matter should be taken up in state court, not federal court.

A grand jury ruled in November that Ferguson police officer Darren Wilson would face no criminal charges for fatally shooting 18-year-old Michael Brown on Aug. 9. The shooting, and the grand jury decision, led to protests and rioting.

Missouri law prohibits grand jurors from discussing the proceedings, but the lawsuit claims that McCulloch wrongly implied that all 12 jurors believed there was no evidence to support charges.