Mid-Missourians 'Occupy CoMo'

As the Occupy Wall Street movement enters its third week of protests in New York, more and more Missouri residents are getting involved in a sister protest.

By Christian Bryant (Columbia, Mo.)

Occupy CoMo has taken its non-violent protest to the front of Columbia City Hall. Dissatisfaction with the U.S. government piqued interest for some protesters, but most of them have joined for an array of reasons. Rick Braaten said this is the perfect opportunity for people to make more personal issues public.

“If you don’t like cars then post a sign that says, ‘Hey, I don’t like cars,’ you know? ‘Why don’t you ride bikes?’ or ‘Stop killing tuna fish’ or, you know, just whatever you deem is worth fighting for, basically. Stand up, be heard.”

The Occupy CoMo movement has lasted11 days now. The group plans to have general assembly meetings every Tuesday and Saturday of the protest to discuss items of interest including the needs of the group, other locations for protesting and communication techniques.