Missouri Senate Leader Wants to End Special Session

The head of the Missouri Senate has announced he’s going to pull the plug on the special legislative session next week. 

by Marshall Griffin (Jefferson City, Mo.)

President Pro-tem Rob Mayer believes it’s too late to pass any kind of economic development bill before the session expires in two weeks.  Despite Thursday’s move by the Missouri House to appoint lawmakers to negotiate a final version of the wide-ranging tax credit bill, Mayer says any agreement must include seven-year expiration dates on historic preservation and low income housing tax credits.

“That’s a provision that all along I have told the Speaker that we have to have to pass (it) through the Senate body, and he on a number of occasions, especially since we’ve gotten into special session, has told me that he cannot do that,” Mayer said.

Mayer plans the final adjournment, also known as “sine die,” to take place next Tuesday – and House Speaker Steven Tilley has confirmed he won’t call House members back to the Capitol once the Senate adjourns.