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Mo. State Highway Patrol tries to increase diversity

Apr 17, 2013

The Missouri State Highway Patrol is making an effort to diversify its ranks. Jennifer Davidson has more.

The patrol has three full-time recruiters and about 60 part-time recruiters, and they’re starting to recruit in new places.

Captain Tim Hull is a spokesman for the patrol.

“In order to find qualified applicants, the patrol has recently attended some recruiting events out of state, at military installations, and at historically black colleges and universities in Missouri, Arkansas, Kentucky, Oklahoma, Tennessee, and Texas,” Hull said.

Hull said the Patrol is also seeking to diversity by recruiting troopers who are female, Hispanic, and from other various backgrounds.

Hull said the Highway Patrol is also reaching out to community leaders with diverse populations across the state, and it’s now accepting applications for its 99th recruit class.

Having a diverse population can help the patrol relate better to diverse communities, Hull said, and makes for a stronger workforce.

I’m Jennifer Davidson.