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MU Student Featured on Diet Dr. Pepper Can

One University of Missouri student says she will be using a can of Diet Dr. Pepper Cherry as a personal business card. That’s because her face and a brief bio will be printed on the can.

By Molly Balkenbush (Columbia, Mo.)

Pre-med student Alison Schwartz had no idea her thirty second scholarship application video would be chosen out of ten thousand MU student videos.

Schwartz also had no idea the win would put her photo wrapped around a can of Diet Dr. Pepper Cherry. That’s seventy million cans to be exact.

“It’s increased my enthusiasm for Mizzou. I really love representing Mizzou. There are these students from all over the country on different cans that go to Stanford and Belmont and I’m one of two people representing the big twelve so that’s really exciting,” said Schwartz.

Schwartz received a five thousand dollar scholarship and will be featured in her own Dr. Pepper commercial. It will air Saturday on Fox Sports and FX during the Mizzou and  K-State football game.