MU Students Affected by Attack in Brussels

Mar 22, 2016

Credit Meg Hilling

MU School of Journalism students are safe after a terrorist attack in Brussels late Tuesday night. All 16 students in the school’s Brussels study abroad internship program are accounted for. MU Spokesperson Christian Basi says he has been in contact with MU Journalism professor Gareth Harding who oversees the program. MU students in the program work at various news outlets throughout the city.

MU student Meg Hilling is doing social media reporting for Politico. “Everyone is a little shaken up right now. We are all working, so there really isn’t too much time to stop and think about it”, Hilling said.

Alexander Van Hulle is a foreign exchange student from Belgium studying Communication has checked in with his family and friends. “It’s really personal, but I am so far away so I don’t really connect with all of that. I am up to date with all the factual stuff”, Van Hulle said.

Van Hulle says that his high school in Belgium posted on Facebook not allowing the students to be released from the facilities until a certain time. Van Hulle says there have been many diverted attacks in Belgium in the past, and many were expecting a terrorist attack in some sort of way. Van Hulle has recently been accepted into the Graduate Program at the MU School of Journalism for the fall.