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Native advertising works for Netflix, NYT

Jun 21, 2014

Credit New York Times/TBrand

  The New York Times has launched a multimedia report -- complete with video, audio and interactive graphics -- on what life is like for women in our federal prison system.  It is native advertising, paid for by Netflix, as a promotion for its hit series, Orange is the New Black. Missouri School of Journalism professors Margaret Duffy, Mike McKean and Amy Simons discuss the issue.

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According to an article by Digiday, the New York Times' new piece on women in the federal prison system is the "Snowfall of native advertising."

But Missouri School of Journalism Professor Margaret Duffy said the report's concept is nothing new.

A lot of people are acting like we just discovered fire or opened Pandora's box, but advertorials have been around forever in a lot of ways.

Professor Mike McKean said the report's quality is what sets it apart from other native advertising campaigns.

The likelihood of clicking away before you scroll down and read much content is a lot higher for the average piece of native content. This is not average.