New City-Wide Campaign Implemented

At a joint meeting last night the groups approved a positioning line and logo to help facilitate their six-phase process. 

The campaign will now be led by the title Columbia Imagined: A Plan for How We Live and Grow.  Phase one will create guidelines to maintain land use, infrastructure, economic development and sustainability among other city concerns. In phase two, task force members like Alice Leeber hope to establish who they are as a group and include the public in their efforts. 

“We’re really just looking for people to come out and give us their opinion and get involved.  Because this is a long process and we need a lot of input,” said Leeber.

The joint committee has set up public meetings in all six wards to discuss what to focus on and what needs to change when creating the city plan.  The next meeting is scheduled for November fourteenth in the Columbia College Dulany Hall Banquet Room.  More information about the plan is at