New petition requests lights on East Campus streets

Dec 4, 2014

It is too dark in the East Campus Neighborhoods in Columbia according to MU student Sarah Sprick who has started a petition to get more street lights in the area because of increasing rates of attacks, rapes and sexual assaults.

Columbia Water and Light Department Spokeswoman Connie Kacprowicz, says street lightning can be a controversial subject.

Columbia Water and Light will install streetlights if there is a neighborhod consensus, so we try to avoid situations where we install a street light in one are and the a neighbor doesn’t wan’t it. So once there is concensus they can go to the city council and the city council can aprove us to add more street light.”

Sarah Sprick started the petition because she thinks lights would help residents feeling safer in the area.

I don’t think lights will complete eliminate the problem, but I think it definitely will help prevent future attacks. At least, I know myself I would feel a lot safer in able to go to the library at night than if I knew I was walking in the dark.”

The next step for Sarah Sprick is to go to the City of Columbia and propose them to install more light in the area.