Nixon addresses his veto of HB 253

Jul 23, 2013

Credit File Photo / KBIA


Democratic Gov. Jay Nixon continues his attack against HB 253, a measure he vetoed in June.

Visits Tuesday to Springfield and Eldon come ahead of a September veto session which could see his decision overturned by the Republican-controlled Legislature.

The bill, which gradually reduces the tax rates for individuals and corporations, will eliminate the current sales tax exemption on prescription drugs, Nixon says. And while the Governor understands that the provision may have been an accident, he does not plan to call a special session to correct the error.

“Why should Missourians have to pay to send legislators back to work overtime for a mistake, when all they have to do is not override me, and then we can worry about that next January?” Nixon said.

The prescription drug exemption is one of many arguments Nixon has made against the bill. On Monday, his office released a breakdown of decreased school district funding levels if the bill becomes law. House Speaker Tim Jones says the Governor is using scare tactics in an attempt to prevent the veto override.