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The Public Safety of Taser Stun Guns

Feb 2, 2016

Few inventions have had as dramatic an effect on policing as the Taser stun gun. The tool is billed as a "smart weapon" and often called a non-lethal alternative to guns for the thousands of law enforcement agencies that have adopted them across the country and the world. In fact, the company's website estimates more than 160,000 lives have been saved by use of the weapon.

But just how safe are the Taser weapons actually, and what is the public health cost of assuming they are non-lethal? Those are among the questions Nick Berardini asks in the documentary Killing Them Safely.

True/False screened Berardini's film at the Missouri Theatre last November, where he also answered questions from the audience. Later, True/False's Allison Coffelt sat down with Berardini in the KBIA studios.