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Sager | Braudis -- Painting of the Month

Feb 12, 2021

ASKIA BILAL -- Wheel of Fortune: Circleingthesquareingthecirclingthesquaringthe...
Artist Askia Bilal describes his artwork as a search for meaning–a tool to make sense of the world. His creative practice is one of layered techniques and layered significance, with abstract and gestural marks arranged to symbolize the artist’s own iconography of literary and philosophical elements. Collaged components conceal and reveal layers beneath, giving this painting a unique physicality and history.

Askia Bilal
Wheel of Fortune: Circleingthesquareingthecirclingthesquaringthe

Acrylic and mixed media (canvas, tar paper and paper collage, chalk, pastel, and Cray-pas) on canvas
43 x 42 inches