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Sager | Reeves -- Painting of the Month

Artwork by Leonor Fini of "Figure Posed", a lithograph on paper of a women posing to the left
Sager | Reeves Gallery
Leonor Fini - Figure Posed

Leonor Fini Figure Posed

Leonor Fini is a 20th century master we’ve featured in years past of the Masters Exhibit, so hers is a story we’ve certainly talked about before, and with Fini it’s almost as if she designed her life as a novel in which she is the central character. Fini was born in Argentina but lived the majority of her working life in Paris, and was for decades a fixture at social and theatrical events - especially costume balls. The artist was highly sought as a portraitist and of course was known for elaborate, Surrealist scenes featuring her own dream world cast. Maybe a little lesser known is that she also designed costumes for the ballet and theater, and famously, for herself. She so frequently attended public festivities in costume that she was an absolute favorite of society photographers, and was featured regularly in Paris publications, often in masks, corsets, and feather capes.

The writer Pauline Reage would have been among the many Paris intellectuals highly aware of Fini’s image and reputation, and in fact it’s theorized that descriptions in her most famous erotic novel were likely based on imagery of Leonor Fini in costume. Interestingly, Reage’s writing was later illustrated by Fini, the artist composing scenes of romantic and erotic interactions based not only on the novel but also on her own costume designs. Fini worked directly with Paris print houses through the 60s and 70s on a number of series like the one featured in the Masters Exhibit, and she seemed especially drawn to the notion of creating sets of characters to illustrate the writing of her contemporaries. The interacting figures of our featured series represent that blurred line in Fini’s life, between performance - existing as a public figure and character - and creation, as the artist creating these images.

Leonor Fini is in great company at the 9th annual Masters Exhibit, telling just some of the stories of Love and Other Stories.

We welcome visitors to the Masters Exhibit 11-6, Tuesday-Saturday. We hope you’ve delve into the many narratives and scenes on the gallery walls, ask questions, and learn more about the stories told through the images of this collection.

Leonor Fini
Figure Posed
Lithograph on paper
Edition 314/350
15 x 11 inches