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Seg. 1: Tornado Coverage | Seg. 2: Trains In Kansas

May 30, 2019

Segment 1: Tornado Aftermath

On Tuesday night, a large tornado hit parts of Lawrence and Johnson County, causing several injuries and property damage across neighborhoods. With many communities in recovery mode after the storm, we speak with reporters who were on the ground in the tornado's aftermath and hear from folks who witnessed it firsthand.

  • Nomin Ujiyediin, reporter, Kansas News Service
  • Sam Zeff, metro reporter, KCUR 89.3
  • John Kurtz, meteorologist, National Weather Service
  • Quincy Vagell, meteorologist and storm chaser

Segment 2, beginning at 26:33: Trains In Kansas

Trains have played an influential role in shaping Kansas history; they're even responsible for bringing the first European settlers to the area pre-statehood. They've since connected communities across the state and beyond, but plans for long-distance passenger routes are uncertain. We talk to a reporter to explain the showdown between Congress and Amtrak, and an historian to discuss how trains have shaped the state.

  • Corinne Boyer, reporter, Kansas News Service
  • Virgil Dean, Kansas historian
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