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Students Protest Against MU COVID-19 Safety Regulations

Oct 14, 2020

Students and teachers protest outside by the University of Missouri's columns. The protests were speaking out against the university's lack of COVID-19 testing and safety regulations.
Credit Isabella Paxton / KBIA

It began small. With 18 protestors spacing themselves out across the University of Missouri’s picturesque columns, signs painted black argued “people over profit” and “we won’t die for their dollars." Before the sit in was completed, over thirty protestors – and many more observers – joined the scene.

Since the beginning of the school year, the University of Missouri has seen at least 1,000 students contract COVID-19 on their campus. Many students have complained about the lack of safety regulations and enforcement and on September 25, The Missouri Coalition for COVID Safety organized a sit it to protest the Mizzou Administration. KBIA’s Isabella Paxton has the story.