Thinking Out Loud: Keb'Mo' preview

Feb 10, 2014

Blues guitarist and singer Keb' Mo' recently talked with KBIA's Darren Hellwege about the artist's forthcoming album Bluesamericana.
Credit Facebook/Keb' Mo'

Blues guitarist and singer Keb'Mo' brings his Delta blues-influenced style to Columbia's Jesse Auditorium next Tuesday. In a web exclusive, here is a segment of KBIA's Darren Hellwege recent phone interview with Keb' Mo'.

Keb' Mo' on his new album Bluesamericana:

I've been writing since 2012 for this record. It is a mixture of acoustic songs. More roots oriented. It jumps over other parts of territory like any Keb' Mo' record. There's a lot of heart-felt stuff here [on the new album BluesAmericana.]

Keb'Mo' on the pace of releasing new music:

I'd been hitting it so hard since 1994 and I felt I had a lot of information and content already out there musically. I didn't feel the need to keep putting music out all the time, but to shed more light on the catalog I already have. When I put out a new album now it is deeply rooted in the experience I have had the past few years. With the changes in the music industry, I thought maybe people aren't paying as much attention to music as they used to be. I want to put out music that is worthy of peoples' attention and put even more care and feeding into the production.

Blues performer Keb' Mo' brings his performance to Columbia's Jesse Auditorium Tuesday as part of the University Concert Series.

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