Video: Tai Chi master settles down in Missouri

Apr 6, 2012

Arthur Du (杜新生) was a hotel manager in Jiangsu, China. He moved to Missouri last March with his wife to accompany their son, who plans to stay in the U.S. after graduation.  Language became an obstacle for Du to continue his career in an English-speaking country, so he decided to make a living by teaching Tai Chi, which has been his hobby since he was a child.

Tai Chi is a type of Chinese martial art practiced for both self defense training and health benefits. It’s not new to Missouri, but has seen increased interest in it in recent years.

With more and more Missourians getting to know about Tai Chi, Du has seen a big jump in the number of his students in the past one year. Having a student body of around 100 people, Du has two classes to teach a day on average currently. 

While teaching the locals this traditional Chinese martial arts, Du is also learning from his Missourian students. Physical knowledge as well as cultural knowledge are exchanged in this Tai Chi class.

This story is part of The China Connection a multimedia project exploring various economic, educational and cultural links between Missouri and China.