Views of the News: Horses, Bayonets; BBC Scandal; Paperless Newsweek; Dueling Tablets; Dinner Jokes

Oct 24, 2012

Horses, Bayonets and Other Debate Snark

Glenn Chapman, Agence France Press: "Obama's 'horses and bayonets' remark goes viral"

Brian Slattery, The Heritage Foundation: "'Horses and Bayonets' Remark is a Disrespectful Oversimplification"

Laura Vozzella, The Washington Post: "Obama's 'horses and bayonets' debate jab makes few ripples in Va.'s Navy country"

Margaret Sullivan, The New York Times: "Contradictions and Confusion on an Agreement With Iran"

Michael Gerson, The Washington Post: "Relentlessly reassuring Romney"

Harold Meyerson, The Washington Post: "What Romney's moderation conceals"

Rebecca Shapiro and Jack Mirkinson, Huffington Post: "Bob Schieffer Debate Moderating: CBS Anchor Stays Above the Fray, Criticized For Letting Debate Stray From Foreign Policy"

Dylan Byers, Politico: "No debate: Bob Schieffer got it just right"

Alexander C. Kaufman, The Wrap: "Bob Schieffer on Debate Criticism: 'This is Their Campaign'"

Dylan Stableford, Yahoo! News: "'Obama bin Laden': Schieffer's debate gaffe unfortunate but not unusual"

BBC vs. BBC Over Coverup Allegations

Australian AP: "BBC in 'very grave' crisis after sex claims against more staff"

Peter Jukes, The Daily Beast: "BBC Director-General Faces Parliament in Jimmy Savile Affair.  Can the BBC Restore Its Reputation?"

Can Post-Paper Newsweek Survive?

Keach Hagey, The Wall Street Journal: "Newsweek Quits Print"

Susan Currie Sivek, PBS Mediashift: "What Can Newsweek Learn from Gourmet's Move to Digital-Only?"

Alyssa Rosenberg, Think Progress: "How Newsweek Can Learn From the Atlantic As It Ends Its Print Edition"

Kara Bloomgarden-Smoke, New York Observer: "First They Came for Newsweek: Is a Second Media Winter On the Way?"

Dueling Tablets: iPad Mini vs. Microsoft Surface

Mark Prigg, The Daily Mail: "A good day to bury bad news?  Critics slam 'disappointing' Microsoft Surface tablet as all eyes are on the iPad mini"

Brooke Crothers, CNet: "Is Apple trying to bury Microsoft under a product avalanche?"

Knowlton Thomas, TechVibes: "Tablet Journalism Has Failed"

Amy Schmitz Weiss, The Hub: "Tablet Design and Storytelling"

Jokes Over Dinner

Superman Prefers News Aggregators

Brian Truitt, USA Today: "Clark Kent makes a major life change in new 'Superman'"