Views of the News: Lehrer's Logic; Biden, Ryan & Raddatz; Big Bird Ads; CNN Buys Docs; Sam Engaged

Oct 10, 2012

Lehrer's Logic

Brian Stelter, The New York Times: "After a New-Look Debate, a Harsh Light Falls on the Moderator"

David Bauer, AP: "Jim Lehrer To Media Critics: 'Weren't You Paying Attention To What Was Happening?'"

The Center for Media and Public Affairs: "Study: Presidential Debaters More Aggressive in 2012"

Biden, Ryan and Raddatz

Jonathan Martin, Politico: "A veep debate that could really matter"

Michael Calderone, The Huffington Post: "Martha Raddatz Enters A New Battlefield: The Vice Presidential Debate Stage"

Juana Summers, Politico: "Paul Ryan spars with reporter"

Obama's Ads: Andrea Mitchell and Big Bird

Alex Weprin, TV Newser: "Andrea Mitchell Not Cool With Being in an Obama Ad"

Dylan Byers, Politico: "NBC News, Sesame Street, and 'Fair Use'"

Beth Fouhy, AP: "Obama's Big Bird campaign ad causing a new flap"

David Dayen, Firedoglake blog: "Obama Ad About Big Bird Cannot Find One Prominent Wall Street Criminal Prosecuted By Administration"

CNN to Buy Documentary Films

CNN Pressroom: "CNN Announces Creation of CNN Films"

Joe Flint, The Los Angeles Times: "CNN's creation of film unit is step in right direction"

The Economist: "CNN's woes: Unbiased and unloved"

GMA's Sam Champion Engaged

Jack Mirkinson, The Huffington Post: "Sam Champion's Engagement: A Sign of How the Media Has Changed"