Views of the News: Recall Lessons; Fox "Attack Ad"; Politico On Bias; Buffett's Lee Buy; Brookside

Jun 6, 2012

Parsing Recall Results

John Avlon, The Daily Beast: "Top Three Conclusions From Wisconsin Recall Election"

National Review Online: "What the Recall Meant"

Dylan Byers, Politico: "The worst night on cable news"

Fox & Friends "Attack Ad"

Brian Stelter, The New York Times: "Obama Video on Fox News Criticized as Attack Ad"

Associated Press: "Fox News Official Says Obama Video Unauthorized"

The Huffington Post: "'Fox & Friends' Associate Producer Will Keep Job After Making Anti-Obama Video"

Jim Vandehei and Mike Allen, Politico: "To GOP, blatant bias in vetting"

Devin Gordon, GQ: "Five Points About Politico's Hatchet Job on NYT and WaPo"

Buffett Buys Into Post-Dispatch Parent

Dan Kraut, Bloomberg: "Buffett's Berkshire Discloses Stake in Lee Enterprises"

Jim Romenesko, "Why Warren Buffett is Bullish on Newspapers"

Evan Christopher, NolaVie: "Riffing On the Tradition: Thank you, Mr. Buffett"

Arson Talk & the Columbia Dividing Line

Kacie Yearout and Barbara Maningat, KOMU-TV: "Band Flyer Foreshadows Brookside Blaze"

Alex Kluesner, Vox Magazine: "Brookside fire's ongoing speculation"

Henry J. Waters III, Columbia Daily Tribune: "Fire! Avoiding quick conclusions"

Mike Martin, The Columbia Heart Beat: "Veiled Accusation? Trib publisher's Brookside fire editorial points finger at neighbors"