Views of the News: Zakaria's Plagiarism; J-School Change; Debate Moderators; Saving CNN

Aug 15, 2012

Fareed Zakaria: Everybody Does It?

David Zurawik, Baltimore Sun: "Lame Fareed Zakaria defenses show confused, debased state of journalism"

Rem Rieder, American Journalism Review: "Everybody Does It"

Paul Farhi, The Washington Post: "More questions raised about Fareed Zakaria's work"

Chris Vognar, The Dallas Morning News: "Zakaria and Lehrer: Plagiarism, pride, sports and the pressure to succeed at all cost"

Foundations Want Faster J-School Change

Katherine Mangan, The Chronicle of Higher Education: "Journalism Schools Are Urged to Adopt Teaching Hospitals' Approach to Hands-On Education"

Kaustuv Basu, Inside Higher Ed: "Not So Fast"

Debate Moderators: Can't Please Everybody

Dylan Byers, Politico: "The debate over the presidential debate moderators"

Tavis Smiley, Huffington Post: "Presidential Debates: Colorblind or Blind to Color?"

James Rainey, Los Angeles Times: "CNN's Candy Crowley talks about hosting presidential debate"

Pew Research Center for the People & the Press: "What Voters Know about Campaign 2012"

Wildly Different Ways to Save CNN

Michael Calderone, Huffington Post: "CNN Promises 'Unbiased' Convention Coverage"

Noah Rothman, Mediaite: "In Defense of CNN: If Not 'Unbiased,' Then Certainly Non-Partisan"

Michael Shane, New York Post: "Saving CNN: Late night and reality shows in works at news channel"

Bill Carter, The New York Tines: "CNN to Promote Nonfiction TV, not Reality TV, Network Says"