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Views Preview: Three Weeks Until America Votes

Oct 18, 2016

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We’re less than three weeks from the presidential election and the rhetoric is getting hotter by the day. On this week’s program, our panelists will analyze the long-term effects of the “Access Hollywood” tape, how endorsements and predictions might influence the electorate, and why Donald Trump wants Saturday Night Live off the air.

The New York Times: “The New York Times lawyer responds to Donald Trump

Kelsey Sutton, POLITICO: “Trump to ramp up media attacks by going after New York Times, Carlos Slim

James Warren, Poynter: “Why Trump wouldn’t win a libel suit against the New York Times

Michael Calderone, Huffington Post: “New York Times to Trump: We didn’t destroy your reputation. You did.

Erik Wemple, Washington Post: “Bloomberg’s Mark Halperin criticizes New York Times for releasing letter against Trump

Michael Calderone, Huffington Post: “Donald Trump is a threat to press freedom ‘unknown in modern history’

Peter Sterne, POLITICO: “Melania Trump demands retraction from People: She and her husband’s accuser were ‘never friends or even friendly’

Jose A DelReal, Washington Post: “Trump mocks sexual assault attacker: ‘She would not be my first choice.’

POLITICO: “New York Times refuses Trump lawyers’ demand to retract story about two of his accusers

Max J. Rosenthal, Mother Jones: “Trump escalates attacks on his accusers, denigrating their looks

Kelly Mclaughlin, Daily Mail: “Dr. Ben Carson has a meltdown on Morning Joe after reporter presses him about whether or not he think sex allegations against Trump are true

Alison Frankel & Dan Levine, Reuters: “Trump hasn’t sued a newspaper for libel in decades, records show

Live from New York, it's Saturday Night

Jim Puzzanghera, Los Angeles Times: “Trump accuses ‘Saturday Night Live’ of doing a ‘hit job’ on him

Willa Paskin, Slate: “Why Alec Baldwin’s Donald Trump impression rankles Trump more than other SNL impersonators of him

Nicholas Hautman, Us Weekly: “’Saturday Night Live’ parodies Beyonce’s ‘Lemonade’ with Melania and Ivanka Trump

Daniel Kreps, Rolling Stone: “Watch ‘SNL’ bash Trump with parody of Beyonce’s ‘Sorry’

Dean Obeidallah, CNN: “Trump’s beef with SNL is no laughing matter

Post-election Trump TV network?

Matthew Garrahan and James Fontanella Khan, CNBC via Financial Times:  “Report: Trump son-in-law working on post-election Trump TV network

Jake Sherman, Politico: “Kushner talking about Trump TV network

Peter Dreier, Huffington Post: “Are Donald Trump, Stephen Bannon, and Roger Ailes cooking up a post-election media empire?

Weighing the public’s right to know

Matt Bai, Yahoo News: “When should private emails become the public’s business?

Glen Greenwald, The Intercept: “On WikiLeaks, journalism, and privacy: Reporting on the Podesta archive is an easy call

Alex Seitz-Wald, NBC News: “Top Democrats call on FBI to investigate Trump ties to Russia over hacking

Matthew Ingram, Fortune: “Publishing hacked private emails can be a slippery slope

What to expect in the third debate

Joe Concha, The Hill: “Chris Wallace: Debate moderator ‘not a participant’

Brennan Suen, Media Matters: “Chris Wallace changed his stance on fact-checking at debates. Why?

Josh Feldman, Mediaite: Chris Wallace talks about the ‘stress’ of being Fox News’ first big debate moderator