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Williamsburg Elementary School Reopens After Gas Leak

Mar 15, 2019

Williamsburg Elementary School reopened its doors this week after a carbon monoxide leak was discovered.

The school shut down for two days last week after some front office workers complained of watery eyes and headaches.

The school had just installed a new Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning unit on Jan. 29. It had a propane leak, which was causing the production of carbon monoxide.

The school fixed the unit and brought out an engineering firm and the Department of Natural Resources to further investigate and ensure that there was no natural or combustible gas in the building.

Caleb Troutt, an employee for the DNR, said that the school was taking as many precautions as possible. He helped test for carbon monoxide and other volatile organic compounds.

“They got it repaired, but then some staff were still having some symptoms,” Troutt said. “So, they closed again just to be super cautious, and that’s when we came in and did the monitoring to make sure that everything was at safe levels.”

Superintendent Brian Garner said the school replaced the HVAC unit. The DNR also installed air quality monitors in a few places around the school. Garner and the principal then stayed in the office for a few hours to make sure that the air was clear.

The school has been open since, and has had no more complaints of headaches.