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MACC to Build New Location with Weather "Safe Room"

The Federal Emergency Management Agency is helping design a new community college in Hannibal that would serve as more than just a place to take class.

By Emily Giffin (Columbia, Mo.)

The Board of Trustees for Moberly Area Community College approved a FEMA grant this week that goes toward creating a permanent site for its Hannibal location.

As a part of its Hazard Mitigation Grant Program, FEMA has provided funds for a building design for a “safe room” to protect people within Hannibal’s facility during storms.

Melissa Janssen with FEMA said the funds will ensure the student union, as well as classrooms are up to FEMA’s safe room standards.

“There are definite building requirements that are associated with a safe room that will protect it against 250 mile an hour wind speeds, for instance,” she said.

FEMA will soon review the building design for the project in Hannibal to make sure it qualifies as a safe room.
The MACC Board is then expected to approve the project’s final construction grant at its November meeting.

The target for the facility’s groundbreaking is the year 2012, with plans to open in fall of 2013.