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Mexico ambulance service postponed


An ambulance service in Mexico has halted construction on a new building because of what it is calling unfit infrastructure.  

Audrain Ambulance District administrator Kevin Payne says ongoing sewer issues have put construction of the new district building at a stand-still. He says he was aware of minor flooding issues when purchasing the property. But since then, problems have been discovered bringing building costs to about 300-thousand dollars. Mexico wastewater superintendant Rick Dunker says his department recently repaired a manhole leaking sewage on the property, and says the repair resolved the issue.

“Part of the problem might be with the process they went through to select that site," says Dunker. "They may not have done quite as much investigation as they should have. ”

Payne says the manhole repair at the property was only a temporary fix and sewage will continue to appear until the underlying issue is resolved. He also says he will look for a new site for the facility and will sell the property after the sewage is resolved

Brian Pepoon is a student newscaster for KBIA.