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Views of the News Preview: Revisiting the 'Lab Leak' Theory

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What was the real cause of the COVID-19 pandemic? Were journalists too quick to dismiss the ‘lab leak’ theory? We’ll look at why several leading publications are revisiting their reporting from a year ago and giving what some once called a conspiracy theory another look.

Paul Farhi & Jeremy Barr, Washington Post: “The media called the ‘lab leak’ theory a ‘conspiracy theory.’ Now it’s prompted corrections – and serious new reporting.

Glenn Kessler, Washington Post: “Timeline: How the Wuhan lab-leak theory suddenly became credible

Aaron Blake, Washington Post: “Jon Stewart goes all-in on the lab leak theory

Dan Kennedy: “Why it matters: Tracking the media’s dismissal of the Wuhan lab theory

Alison Young, USA Today: “Could an accident have caused COVID-19? Why the Wuhan lab-leak theory shouldn’t be dismissed

Samuel Chamberlain, New York Post: “China official insists COVID lab-leak theory ‘absurd’ in Blinken call

Dr. Sanjay Gupta, Nadia Kounang, Amanda Sealy & Andrea Kane, CNN: “Uncovering the origins of the virus that sparked a pandemic

Stevie Zhang, First Draft: “The unproven lab leak theory, Wuhan lab and virus origin: Reporting best practices

Pulitzers recognize journalism’s best

Paul Farhi, Washington Post: “Reporting about racial justice and the pandemic dominates Pulitzer Prizes

Richard Prince, journal-isms: “Pulitzers shout out post-Floyd reckoning

Harrison Mantas, Poynter: “14 local news organizations were recognized with Pulitzer nods this year

Megha Rajagopalan, Allison Killing & Christo Buschek, BuzzFeed: “China secretly built a vast new infrastructure to imprison Muslims

Kristen Hare, Poynter: “California Sunday Magazine closed last year. It just won a Pulitzer

Joe Hernandez, NPR: “Darnella Frazier, who filmed George Floyd’s murder, wins an honorary Pulitzer

Mikki Kendall, CNN: “Darnella Frazier’s Pulitzer citation is not enough

Syreeta McFadden, NBC: “View: What giving a Pulitzer Prize for filming George Floyd’s murder to Darnella Frazier really means

Pay to put it in the book

Joshua Benton, Nieman Lab: “Bad blood? The Wall Street Journal apparently wants its reporters to pay to use their own reporting in books

IAPE@Work: “IAPE will fight unilateral imposition of new policy on books and projects

Celine Castronuovo, The Hill: “Union condemns new Dow Jones policy on Wall Street Journal employees’ outside work

Toobin returns to CNN
Brian Stelter & Oliver Darcy, CNN: “Jeffrey Toobin is back at CNN eight months after exposing himself on Zoom

David Bauder, Associated Press: “Jeffrey Toobin returns to CNN after Zoom call incident

David Moye, HuffPost: “Jeffrey Toobin admits masturbating on Zoom was ‘moronic and indefensible

Erik Wemple, Washington Post: “Opinion: CNN still hasn’t explained its decision to reinstate Jeffrey Toobin

Alla E. Dastagir, USA Today: “The problem with Jeffrey Toobin’s apology

Ben Smith, New York Times: “Anthony Weiner’s not coming back. But he has nowhere to go.

Are they out there?
Gideon Lewis-Kraus, The New Yorker: “How the Pentagon started taking U.F.Os seriously

Niall McCarthy, Forbes: “Global UFO sightings are taking off again

Dani Di Placido, Forbes: “The media is taking UFO sightings seriously – should we?

Jason Abbruzzese, NBC: “Obama on UFO videos: ‘We don’t know exactly what they are’

Doug Reardon, FOX 17 West Michigan: “UFO sightings up in 2020: a Michigan expert explains why

Journey’s end for American Way

Dawn Gilbertson, USA Today: “End of an era: American Airlines is retiring its in-flight magazine, joining Delta and Southwest

Grace Lieberman, Dallas Morning News: “American Airlines to discontinue in-flight magazine after 55 years

Associated Press: “The American Way is doomed. The airline in-flight magazine, that is.

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