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Views of the News Preview: Jury Finds R. Kelly Guilty

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KBIA / Reynolds Journalism Institute
KBIA / Reynolds Journalism Institute

More than 20 years after the first stories about R. Kelly’s sexual activities with teenage girls, a federal jury in New York convicted him of sex trafficking and racketeering. This week on Views of the News, a look back on two decades of investigative reporting in that case.

Jim DeRogatis, The New Yorker: “R. Kelly is found guilty on all counts, twenty-five years too late

Editorial Board, Chicago Sun-Times: “R. Kelly’s conviction a victory, especially for Black women, in a battle we can never stop fighting

Michael Arceneaux, NBC Think: “R&B singer R. Kelly found guilty in sex-trafficking case. Why did justice take so long?

Angelina Chapin, The Cut: “She warned us about R. Kelly. No one believed her.

Eric Deggans, NPR: “R. Kelly and Britney TV docs tap into ‘consequence culture,’ not cancel culture

Dream Hampton, Billboard: “’Surviving R. Kelly’ filmmaker: How I took down the incarcerated singer

‘Missing White Woman Syndrome’
Richard Prince, journal-isms: “What of the lost women of color?

Kathleen Rosman, New York Times: “How the case of Gabrielle Petito galvanized the internet

Ha’han Jones: “Yes, the media is suffering from ‘missing white woman syndrome’

Kamila Kudelska, NPR: “Media fascination with the Petito mystery looks like racism to some Native Americans

Jeremy Barr, Washington Post: “Even within the media, some question to the amount of Gabby Petito coverage

Charles M. Blow, New York Times: “Gwen Ifill was right about ‘missing white woman syndrome

Molly Jung-Fast, Daily Beast: “What Gabby Petito’s case says about cops – and us

Katie Robertson, New York Times: “News media can’t shake ‘missing white woman syndrome,’ critics say

Kate Sheehy, New York Post: “Critics claim ‘missing white woman syndrome’ has overshadowed these missing persons cases

Sharon Pruitt-Young, NPR: “Tens of thousands of Black women vanish each year. This website tells their stories

Andrew Hay, Reuters: “Amid attention on Petito case, Native mother seeks justice

Chuck Barney, San Jose Mercury News: “Somerville’s KTVU suspension carries an air of mystery

Rachel Swan, San Francisco Chronicle: “Frank Somerville suspension: How the dispute over ‘Gabby’ Petito coverage unfolded at KTVU

Lydia O’Connor, HuffPost: “Anchor suspended for questioning racial disparities in Gabby Petitio coverage

‘Dateline’ turns 30

Tom Jones, Poynter: “NBC’s Dateline’ turns 30 and Josh Mankiewicz reveals the secret to its success

Live on The View

Anderson Cooper 360: “Ana Navarro describes moment she was removed from ‘The View’ set on air

Morgan Chalfant, The Hill: “Two ‘View’ hosts test positive for coronavirus ahead of Harris interview

Associated Press: “’The View’ hosts say they had false positive Covid tests during Kamala Harris interview

Banned Books Week

Tom Jones, Poynter: “It’s Banned Books Week in America. In some places the ‘1619 Project’ is being targeted.

Reliable Sources, CNN: “Nikole Hannah-Jones on the meaning of ‘Banned Book Week’

AMY SIMONS teaches news literacy, multimedia journalism and advanced social media strategies.