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Views of the News Preview: WSJ reporter jailed in Russia

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Committee to Protect Journalists: “CPJ, media organizations, and partners call for release of US journalist Evan Gershkovich

Michael Crowley, Ivan Nechepurenko & Anton Trioanovski, New York Times: “Espionage charge adds hurdle to freeing a reporter detained in Russia

Dan Sabbagh, The Guardian: “Antony Blinken urges Russia to release US journalist in call with Sergei Lavrov

Caroline Linton, CBS News: “Blinken says he spoke to Russia’s top diplomat about arrested American journalist

Pjotr Sauer, The Guardian: “My friend Evan Gershkovich is no spy. Just a brave reporter jailed in Moscow

Brad Dress, The Hill: “More than 30 media outlets, press freedom groups call for Russia to release WSJ reporter

Joe Parkinson & Drew Hinshaw, Wall Street Journal: “Evan Gershkovich loved Russia, the country that turned on him

Katie Robertson, New York Times: “Journalist detained by Russia was reporting stories that ‘needed to be told’

Pyotr Kozlov, Moscow Times: “Hostage, signal or revenge? Spotlight on Russia’s reasons for arresting WSJ reporter

Trump charged on 34 felony counts

Marita Vlachou, HuffPost: “News outlets ask judge to allow cameras into Trump’s arraignment

Michael M. Grynbaum, New York Times: “Welcome back to the Trump Show

Katie Robertson, New York Times: “Indictment elicits extensive coverage, and some gasps, on TV.

‘60 Minutes’ interviews MTG

Leslie Stahl, 60 Minutes: “Representative Marjorie Taylor Greene: From the far-right fringe to the Republican Party’s front row

Martin Pengelly, The Guardian: “CBS faces backlash over 60 Minutes interview with Marjorie Taylor Greene

Tom Jones, Poynter: “’60 Minutes’ had newsworthy reasons to interview Marjorie Taylor Greene. But she deserved more pushback.

Drew Taylor, The Wrap: “’60 Minutes’ blasted for Marjorie Taylor Greene sit-down: ‘Informercials for fascists is a bridge too far’

Kadia Goba, Semafor: “’Fake news’ no more: Marjorie Taylor Greene’s journey to 60 Minutes

Hanna Panreck, Fox News: “’The View’ fumes at ’60 Minutes’ over Marjorie Taylor Greene interview: “’It was very frustrating’

Verified Twitter Accounts

Josh Taylor, The Guardian: “Twitter legacy blue ticks remain despite Elon Musk’s subscription threat

Drew Harwell, New York Times: “Twitter strikes New York Times’ verified badge on Elon Musk’s orders

Lindsay Kornick, Fox News: “Elon Musk pulls New York Times’ Twitter verified check mark, calling publication ‘propaganda’

Matt Novak, Forbes: “Elon Musk calls New York Times ‘hypocritical’ for selling subscriptions but refusing to pay for Twitter

Sara Fischer, Axios: “Scoop: White House won’t pay for Twitter verification

Math matters… even in baseball

Hed vid: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UblHwyQX7qg (start at 3:03)

Associated Press: “MLB rule changes: pitch clock, larger bases and more

R.J. Anderson, CBS: “MLB new rules: Opening Day 2023 sees faster games, more stolen bases and Mets-Marlins confusion

Nick Slebe, Sports Illustrated: “Data suggests MLB rule changes having big impact on stolen bases