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Views of the News Preview: Why we don't name juvenile crime suspects

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Sara Swann, Poynter: “Why the juvenile suspects in the Chiefs parade shooting haven’t been named, unlike Kyle Rittenhouse

Kyle Rittenhouse on X: https://twitter.com/ThisIsKyleR/status/1759856719927144784

Missouri Law: Certification of juvenile for trail as adult

The end of the digital
Sara Fischer, Axios: “Exclusive: WAMU lays off 15 staffers, shuts down DCist

Elahe Izadi & Will Sommer: “WAMU shuts down local news site DCist, lays off reporters

Lydia O’Connor, HuffPost: “Vice to stop publishing on site, lay off hundreds of staff

Elahe Izadi and Will Sommer, Washington Post: “Former digital-media darling Vice to end website, lay off hundreds

Chris Thompson, Defector: “Vice’s avaricious stewards finally succeeded at bleeding it dry

Oliver Darcy, CNN: “The hollowing out of Vice and BuzzFeed marks the end of the digital media revolution

Sirin Kale, The Guardian: “Vice’s cunning, irreverent journalism is dead – and executives with bloated pay cheques helped kill it

Wiping the websites
Scott Nover, Slate: “When media outlets shutter, why are the websites wiped, too?

Best and worst states

Prism PR: “Best states for journalists

Reporter denied access

Laura Belin, Poynter: “Opinion: An Iowa reporter was refused legislature access for 5 years – a frightening denial of press freedom

Editorial Board, Des Moines Register: “Roses and thistles: Iowa GOP lawmakers apparently afraid of liberal blogger’s coverage” (2019)

Cox & OpenGov
J. Scott Trubey, Atlanta Journal-Constitution: “Cox Enterprises buys majority stake in government software firm OpenGov

SCOTUS & online speech
Lauren Feiner, The Verge: “The Supreme Court is about to decide the future of online free speech

Washington Post: “Supreme Court weighs the future of the First Amendment and social media

Brian Fung, CNN: “Supreme Court hears landmark cases that could upend what we see on social media

AMY SIMONS teaches news literacy, multimedia journalism and advanced social media strategies.