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Missouri Hosts World's Longest Canoe and Kayak Race

Brandon Kiley

  The state of Missouri is hosting the longest non-stop canoe and kayak race in the world this Tuesday through Friday.

Nearly 300 paddlers participated in the Missouri River 340 (MR-340) began their journey in Kansas City, KS on Tuesday. They will travel 340 miles to St. Charles, MO to complete the race.

One of those participants, Robyn Benicasa, is a firefighter from San Diego that has been racing competitively for 20 years. Her claim to fame in the Missouri River 340 is the fact that she owns the course record for solo women.

“I don’t think I’ll be able to break my old record,” Benicasa said. “I think the river is a little lower than it was for my old record. I’ll get there (to the finish line) as fast as I can and see how it turns out.

The MR340 has been named one of National Geographic’s Top 100 American Adventures based on the physical and mental demands the race places upon participants. Proceeds from the race benefit the Missouri River Relief, the Healthy Rivers Partnership, and the Lewis and Clark Nature Center and Boathouse.

The race concludes on Friday night in St. Charles. The overall winner of the race will receive the race’s Governor’s Cup. The cup will be presented by the Director of Missouri Department of Natural Resources, Sara Parker Pauley.

Brandon Kiley is a student newscaster.