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Ann Fitzmaurice

Courtesy Amy Simons

Six students from the University of Missouri's Honors College participated in a 16-week tutorial under the direction of Missouri School of Journalism professor Amy Simons on media criticism during the Fall 2018 term. For their final project, the students produced and hosted their own special edition of KBIA-FM's program, "Views of the News."

Free audition workshop for 'Frozen Jr.', the fall production at TRYPS, will take place next Saturday at Hickman Hall in Columbia. JILL WOMACK tells us why the workshop is helpful for those wanting to audition but are maybe nervous about the process. Also, JANE WAGNER introduces us to two of the three recipients of an annual scholarship (awarded by the Boone County Chapter of the Mizzou Alumni Association), ANN FITZMAURICE and HEATHER SNOW! (4:48) August 12, 2019