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Climate Action Plan

The city's Climate Action and Adaptation Plan is the road map of 126 potential actions that we can do to reduce our carbon footprint. BARBARA BUFFALOE says most of those actions are simply "conscious decisions." May 8, 2019

Office of Sustainability manager BARBARA BUFFALOE is doing her part to keep her carbon footprint at a minimum this month by biking everywhere, everyday. And we do mean everywhere, even into our studio! Do your part: join Barbara and others at the Columbia Public Library on Earth Day for the rollout of the Climate Action and Adaptation Plan. April 17, 2019

BARBARA BUFFALOE talks about the City of Columbia Office of Sustainability's 'Climate Action Community Forum', happening tomorrow at City Hall. Let your voice be heard as the city drafts its own climate action and adaptation plan! November 27, 2018

Columbia’s Youth Advisory Council met Tuesday night to learn more about the city’s Climate Action and Adaption Plan.

The council decided one of its goals is to be environmentally friendly, so Eric Hempel, an Energy Educator in the city’s Office of Sustainability, explained to the group what actions they can take as a council and as part of the Columbia Community.Some ideas discussed included waste and light audits in the Columbia Public Schools and members of the youth council using their schools to spread awareness of the climate plan in the city.

Today Paul Pepper visits with BARBARA BUFFALOE, Sustainability Manager at the City of Columbia, about what Columbia's 'Climate Action Plan' means to the people of Mid-Missouri. Next month, the public is invited to attend a council meeting in which the Office of Sustainability will be presenting a comprehensive report that details efforts made by the citizens of Columbia to reduce carbon emissions, and a plan to continue those efforts into the future. Watch for details! July 24, 2017