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Here's a situation that's all-too familiar for pet owners these days: you've been home for three or four months, and you've spent every waking moment with your dog, and your dog - or your cat - is by your side continuously, and then all at once you're gonna be gone for 8 do you prepare the animal to adjust to that? Guest: DR. MAR DOERING, DVM, All Paws Medical and Behavioral Center July 10, 2020

January is National Walk Your Dog Month. MAR DOERING, DVM, All Paws Medical and Behavioral Center, can't stress enough how important this (relatively simple) activity is to the bond between a pet and their owner. Plus, it's good exercise! January 17, 2019

MAR DOERING, DVM, All Paws Medical and Behavioral Center, shares tips on how to prepare your pet should someone in your household be coming home from the hospital to recover from an illness or an injury. November 14, 2018

Police in Rhode Island have a secret weapon to fight child pornography: a 2-year-old Labrador named Thoreau, who's been trained to sniff out computer hard drives. The dog is credited with finding a thumb drive that was hidden deep inside a metal cabinet last month.

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This week, we'll hear about efforts to increase the amount of ethanol added to gasoline, and learn about out the potential benefits of owning a dog.

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Republican Congressman Todd Akin is defending his statement comparing his opponent, Democratic Senator Claire McCaskill, to a dog.