The Mistakes Aren’t Hers, But the Consequences Are

May 26, 2016

When KBIA and the Columbia Missourian first met Monica Smith in 2012, she was a senior in high school in Higginsville, Missouri. Smith was consumed with school, work and so many extra curriculars she couldn’t keep count. People found it surprising that at 18 Monica kept straight A’s, worked and participated in sports when they found out what she had gone through.

My Life My Town: A Different Path

Dec 4, 2012
Photo by Greg Kendall-Ball / Columbia Missourian

Monica Smith is consumed with school, work and so many extra curricular activities she can't keep count. People find it surprising that at 18, Monica keeps straight A's, works and participates in sports… when they find out what she has gone through. Monica's parents have been in and out of jail since she was 8 years old. She currently lives with her grandparents in Higginsville, Missouri. 

Producers Greg Kendall-Ball and Alexandra Olgin bring us Monica’s story, as part of KBIA and the Columbia Missourian’s My Life My Town project.