Missouri Prison Officials Cracking Down to Stop Overdoses

May 7, 2018

 Missouri prison officials are working to stem the flow of contraband after multiple overdoses, including a few that were deadly.

The Missouri Department of Corrections began tracking last May after inmates began overdosing in administrative segregation, which is one of the most secure and isolated parts of prison. Over the next nine months, there were 146 overdoses spread throughout the state prison system, with multiple drugs to blame, according to information the St. Louis Post-Dispatch obtained through a records request.

A condemned Missouri inmate faces a potentially "gruesome and painful" execution because of a rare medical condition that compromises the man's veins and causes multiple tumors in his head and throat, his attorney said Sunday.

Russell Bucklew is scheduled to die by injection Tuesday evening for killing a former girlfriend's new boyfriend in 1996 in eastern Missouri.