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kidney disease

"Small works by artists we represent" is the theme of this month's exhibit at Sager | Braudis Gallery in the North Village Arts District in Columbia. HANNAH REEVES says multiple works (priced under $500) by 70 artists will be for sale throughout July! Also, PAMELA SMITH shares a personal story about why she feels like more people should become organ donors. Her grandson, Tavian, has a rare genetic kidney disease, and no one in his family can help due to a history of kidney stones. He's been waiting for a match for two years. (3:19) July 5, 2019

Carla used to get dialysis a couple of times a week at the public hospital in Indianapolis, Eskenazi Hospital. She would sit in a chair for hours as a machine took blood out of her arm, cleaned it, and pumped it back into her body.

Then one day in 2014, she was turned away.  

She says even though her lungs were full of fluid, her doctors told her that her condition wasn’t urgent enough to treat that day. “I explained to the doctors that I couldn’t breathe and they told me it wasn’t true, that I had to wait three more days,” she recalls.