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  An audit of the Missouri Department of Higher Education takes issue with a now-defunct the loan program it still oversees.

The Advantage Missouri program paid out a total of $8 million in student loans from 1998 to 2005. The audit finds that $5.2 million of those $8 million have still not been repaid.


Auditor Nicole Galloway said there are no procedures to monitor and resolve amounts due on defaulted loans, and that higher ed officials do not know the current status of each outstanding loan or whether it’s collectible.

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The latest report from the national organization ‘The College Board’ released November 4 found Missouri has seen lower tuition increases than most states over the past five years. Missouri’s public, 4-year colleges and universities have increased tuition by 8 percent since 2010, compared to the national average 12.8 percent. Liz Coleman, a Missouri Department of Higher Education spokesperson, said collaborations between Missouri colleges and universities help keep costs down by offering program exchanges for students.

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  The number of Missouri lawmakers who support a ban on a state scholarship going to immigrants brought illegally to the county could outnumber the impacted students.

  Missouri Tech students are now without a school after it abruptly closed its doors in St. Charles without warning.

Missouri needs to strike a balance between making sure that all teachers are prepared to enter the classroom and that minorities and women are treated fairly by tests that certify them to teach.

That balance was a main topic of discussion Tuesday at a joint meeting in Columbia between the state Board of Education, which represents interests of K-12 school districts, and the Coordinating Board for Higher Education, which governs public colleges and universities in the state.

A Republican lawmaker is trying to stop the Missouri Department of Higher Education from extending eligibility for a scholarship program to qualifying high school graduates who are in the country illegally.

The Missouri Department of Higher Education and the Missouri Community Colleges Association were selected for the Competency-Based Education Jumpstart Program. 

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The Missouri House has passed legislation that would implement performance-based funding for public universities and community colleges.

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Gov. Jay Nixon is proposing changes to Missouri's Bright Flight college scholarship aimed at encouraging top-ranking high school students to remain in the state for college.

Nixon was traveling Monday to Kansas City and Kirksville to discuss possible improvements to the academic scholarship. The Democratic governor told higher education officials in October that he would propose new resources for financial aid and scholarship programs.

Nixon said at that time he was working to enhance Bright Flight to ensure the best students remain in Missouri for college and afterward.

Missouri receives grant to hand out more college degrees

Oct 12, 2012
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Missouri's department of higher education has received a $500,000 grant from the Lumina Foundation to increase the number of Missourians who receive an associate degree.

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A handful of Missouri colleges and universities are playing a key role in a global effort to assess educational outcomes of students across international boundaries.