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Nobel Prize

Photo Courtesy of Bram Sable-Smith

How does news from around the globe get delivered to you?

On this week's special edition of Global Journalist, a team of Missouri School of Journalism reporters and professionals pull back the curtain on the high-tech process behind the recent live coverage from Stockholm, Sweden of MU Professor Emeritus George Smith's Nobel Prize in Chemistry.

Student reporters Meg Cunningham and Savannah Rudicel, as well as KBIA's Nathan Lawrence and Ryan Famuliner, brought the story home for the mid-Missouri audience served by the Columbia Missourian KBIA 91.3 FM and KOMU-8 News.  

Punny, yes. Funny? No. The closing of the Uranus Examiner presents a serious problem for the residents of Pulaski County now that its lost its only locally-produced newspaper.

Nathan Lawrence / KBIA

University of Missouri Professor Emeritus George Smith will shake the hand of King Carl Gustaf the 16th of Sweden as he officially accepts his part of the Nobel Prize in Chemistry at its award ceremony Monday evening.

Meg Cunningham / KBIA

MU Professor Emeritus George Smith’s Nobel Prize lecture may have been geared toward a general audience, but it didn’t shy away from scientific detail. The crowd in the Aula Magna lecture hall on Saturday, Dec. 8, 2018, in Stockholm University was a mix of fellow laureates and their guests, students of Stockholm University and general members of the public.

“When this award was announced on October 3, my friends who are actual chemists were surprised to learn that I was one too,” Smith joked to the crowd.