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Boone County May Get a New Solar Plant

Oct 3, 2019

Boone County may be getting a new solar power plant in the near future. Boone Stephens Solar, a company connected to Colorado-based energy developer Dakota Power Partners, is seeking endorsement from the Columbia Water and Light Advisory Board for their plan to build a new solar power plant by the end of 2023. The proposed plant will be built just north of Columbia city limits and have a maximum output of 64 megawatts. For reference, that is more than 26 wind turbines worth of electrical energy.

The Missouri Coalition for the Environment and several solar panel companies have filed a lawsuit against the Missouri Public Service Commission in an effort to keep the state’s solar rebate program alive.

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Missouri's solar energy industry is rallying to resurrect a popular rebate program created by a 2008 renewable-energy ballot initiative that was curtailed when the state's largest utility said it had to cease participation to avoid rate increases capped by the voter-approved law.

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A Springfield utility is planning to partner with two companies to build what would be the largest solar farm in Missouri.

Couple tries to stay energy efficient in Fulton

Sep 27, 2012
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Judy McKinnon’s home looks a bit different than other homes in her neighborhood.