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Don't miss your chance to see 'Thomas Hart Benton: The Complete Editioned Lithographs, Installment One' going on now through November 16 at the new Center for Missouri Studies in Columbia! Guest: JOAN STACK  October 30, 2019

Oklahoma sculptor Charles Banks Wilson created a life-size sculpture of his friend, famed Missouri artist Thomas Hart Benton, that became a permanent fixture at the Kansas City Art Institute in 1990. The State Historical Society of Missouri has the model for that sculpture on display now in their gallery, and the public is invited to come check it out. Guest: JOAN STACK November 8, 2018

All ten of Thomas Hart Benton's WWII-themed paintings have finally come home, and the State Historical Society of Missouri is wasting no time putting them on display for everyone to see. JOAN STACK has brought three of them with her, and helps interpret the meaning behind each one. August 24, 2018

Off the Clock: Missouri's Thomas Hart Benton makes a comeback

Feb 15, 2016
The Metropolitan Museum of Art, Gift of AXA Equitable, 2012

Every year, busloads of fourth graders from around the state of Missouri are dropped off in Jefferson City and taken through the State Capitol. All of those grade schoolers are brought into the House Lounge where the walls are covered with Thomas Hart Benton’s “Social History of Missouri” mural.

Ryan Levi / KBIA

Thomas Hart Benton’s art came alive on Thursday night through the music of Orrin Evans’ Captain Black Big Band.

The Metropolitan Museum of Art Gift of AXA Equitable 2012

There was a party on Wednesday night at The Roof in downtown Columbia and at the center of it was jazz musician Orrin Evans. Evans is the leader of the New York-based Orrin Evans' Captain Black Big Band which was commissioned by the Metropolitan Museum of Art to create a piece based on the mural America Today by Neosho, Missouri native Thomas Hart Benton.

Today Paul Pepper visits with JOAN STACK, Curator of Art Collections at The State Historical Society of Missouri, about their latest exhibit, "Picturing Politics." Featured works are by Missouri artists George Caleb Bingham and Thomas Hart Benton, including the "triumphant return" of Bingham's "Watching the Cargo." See it here! December 30, 2015

Art in Missouri: undocumented and underappreciated

Feb 22, 2013
Thomas Hawk / Flickr

Missouri artists might be suffering from an identity crisis -- but that’s not necessarily a bad thing.

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