The crucial zoning law that determine's downtown Columbia's future [rebroadcast]

Nov 28, 2013

Credit File photo / KBIA

This week CoMo Explained shows how something called the C-2 zoning ordinance determines how Columbia is built. 

The "C-2" designation is a zoning ordinance that includes commercial space and covers downtown Columbia and a little beyond. Unlike a lot of residential zones, C-2 has very few restrictions on what can be built. There is no limit on how tall a building can be, and there are no requirements to provide parking.

It's the designation that allows for many of the larger Brookside apartments to go up, as well as the proposed 24-story upscale housing complex that might pop up right behind Bengal's.

This week's show is a rebroadcast for the holidays, but it'll help you understand how and why all these massive housing complexes are popping up downtown.

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