Mayor's task force on climate change addresses environmental risks

May 23, 2018

Columbia, MO-- The Mayor’s Task Force on Climate Action and Adaptation Planning met with citizens to address potential environmental risks in the coming years.

The task force was formed earlier this year to prepare a plan for 2019, which would help keep citizens safe from national and local climate risks.

Mayor Brian Treece says the task force is working toward a plan that encourages citizen action.

“There are a number of very tangible steps we can take as a community, but it’s important that we first measure what we want to change, establish that baseline, whether that’s greenhouse gas emissions or the amount of recycling and then begin to adopt those practices.”

The task force is addressing five main areas: the built environment, waste and energy, health and safety, natural resources, and how climate patterns impact infrastructure.

Jay Hasheider is the Chair of the task force.

“The onus is on us, the task force and the city and the consultants to make sure that those ideas and all of the collective body of thinking gets put into an upcoming strategy.”

The task force will now establish a set of goals in anticipation of its next community meeting sometime in November.