Missouri bridges 7th worst in the country

May 24, 2013

This bridge in Boonville is in good repair. But overall, Missouri bridges are among the worst in the country
Credit bikekatytrail.com

  A transportation advocacy site called Transportation For America has released an interactive map that shows where the structurally deficient bridges in your community are. 

Using a bridge survey from 2010, the organization has ranked states by how many of their bridges are determined to be "structurally deficient" in inspections.

According to the list, Pennsylvania is number one with 26% of all bridges needing repair.  Missouri ranks 7th with 17%.   Transportation For America says 7% of all Missouri traffic crosses a deficient bridge.

According to the map the bridge crossing I-70 on Business Loop at West Boulevard is deficient.  There's also a deficient bridge on Old Route K crossing Hinkson Creek.

Bridge safety came into national focus this week when a bridge on a major interstate between Seattle and Portland collapsed, sending three people into a river, all of whom were rescued alive.  But the problems appears to go deeper than just bridges.  The American Society of Civil Engineers released it's yearly infrastructure scorecard which gave Missouri a C- for infrastructure. 

H/T to Reddit user BoxScoreHero