Providence Point property soon to become space for UM System events

Jun 26, 2014

The Providence Point hilltop mansion in central Columbia will no longer be reserved as the University of Missouri System President's residence. The system will soon be renting the property out to university businesses and organizations.

UM System President Tim Wolfe lived there for three months before moving out in the spring of 2013 so the system administration could make the necessary renovations to the house. Nine system presidents, including Wolfe, occupied the house since it was built in 1971.

Spokesperson John Fougere would not announce specific future plans for the property, but did give a general idea about the future use of Providence Point.

"The goal is to use Providence Point to be offered to all the UM System campuses, businesses or organizations to host events and have it be a first-class venue to do just that," Fougere said.

The system's administration spent a little more than $200,000 to make extensive improvements to the house, such as the installment of new carpeting, paint work and the restoration of old infrastructure.

"It's very important that this type of maintenance was done, so that's why we went ahead and did that here over the past two years," Fougere said. "We'll continue to do the same type of upkeep."

Fougere said the formal written plan for the future of Providence Point is nearing completion. He said they are close to announcing specifics on how campuses in the system will use the facility.